Clusters and benchmarks on the dynamics of nanoscience and nanotechnology
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1. Nanotechnologies development in Europe between 1998 and 2006
(Recherches/Introduction aux nanotechnologies et nanosciences - English)
This video show the evolution of scientific publications in the field of nanotechnology, published between 1998 and 2006, for the main European clusters. This growth is an indirect marker of the devel

5. Localizations of the nanotechnological infrastructures in France
(Recherches/Introduction aux nanotechnologies et nanosciences - English)
The French government has made a website to know the public institutions involved in nanotechnology and microtechnology. We reported this listing one a map, to apprehend the spatial distribution of th

6. To define nanotechnology: scientific stakes and fields?
(Recherches/Introduction aux nanotechnologies et nanosciences - English)
As it is an emerging field, there isn’t any scientific consensus on the definition of the Nano Science and Technological field (NST for NanoSciences and NanoTechnologies): where it starts and st

7. Presentation
(Accueil du site/Articles en page d\'accueil - English)
This site proposes a whole set of tools and interactive content n class="highlight">desn>igned for a better understanding of the social and economic dynamics related to the world development of nanotechnologies . For thi

See informations

9. hypothesis and principal results
(Recherches/Master2 R - English)
See the french versions of these texts.

10. Context of the study
(Recherches/Master2 R - English)
Confronted with globalization, some local production dynamics, characterized by their ability to compete with global firms, are emerging in some places. They show an adaptation of the local socio-econ

11. Industry and public research in Grenoble
(Recherches/Master2 R - English)
See the french versions of these texts.

12. Search engine
(Static Content)
An other way to access website contents: the "Google like" search engine!

13. Glossaries
(Static Content)
To access to a definition, a translation or a keyword: the "Google like" search engine ! You will find three different categories of glossaries: The first category concern translation

14. RSS feed on nanotechnologies
(Static Content)
This page collects a large selection of information concerning the nanotechnologies in the world. It replaces the old pages of RSS feed. Contents are produced as well by public or national instituti

Within the framework of our project, we compiled a data base on the firms and public institutions involved in nanotechnology. One of the results are the maps of this category, they present on a one ha

16. Développement des Nanotechnologies en Europe de 1998 à 2006
(Recherches/Introduction aux nanotechnologies et nanosciences)
Cette vidéo présentant l'évolution n class="highlight">desn> publications scientifiques nanotechnologiques, publiées entre 1998 et 2006, pour les principaux Clusters européens. Cette

Les travaux menés au début n class="highlight">desn> années 80 sur l’agglomération spatiale amènent un renouvellement conceptuel en économie régionale et en éco

21. Constructing knowledge-based regional advantage
(FAQs/Les fiches de lecture)
Constructing knowledge-based regional advantage: implications for regional innovation policy Asheim, B. T., L. Coenen, et al. (2007). "Constructing knowledge-based regional advantage: impli

Editor's introduction: building and deploying scientific and technical human capital   Bozeman, B. and V. Mangematin (2004). "Editor's introduction: building and deploying scientific

Search regimes and the industrial dynamics of science Bonaccorsi, A. (2005). Search regimes and the industrial dynamics of science. PRIME. Manchester: 51.   Le point effectué dans cet

Intellectual Human Capital and the Birth of U.S. Biotechnology Enterprises Zucker, L. G., M. R. Darby, et al. (1998). "Intellectual Human Capital and the Birth of U.S. Biotechnology Enterpris

Proximity and innovation : a critical assessment Boschma, R. A. (2005), Regional Studies Vol. 39.1: 61-74. Quelles sont les liens entre les différentes dimensions de la proximité&n

Hot spots and blind spots : geographical clusters of firms and innovations Richard Pourder Caron H. ST. Johhn (Clemson University) Academy of Management Review, 1996, Vol.21, No 4, 1192-1225 Probl&e

27. Localisations des infrastructures nanotechnologiques en France
(Recherches/Introduction aux nanotechnologies et nanosciences)
La plate-forme Internet d'information et d'appelle à projet du gouvernement, apporte non seulement de sérieux compléments d'informations sur le secteur n class="highlight">desn> micro et n

28. Définition des nanotechnologies (NST): enjeux et champs scientifiques ?
(Recherches/Introduction aux nanotechnologies et nanosciences)
Comme c'est un champ scientifique en émergence il n’y a pas, aujourd’hui, de consensus scientifique sur la définition du champ n class="highlight">desn> nanosciences et nanotechnologies (NST p

29. What is the essence of geographic clustering
(FAQs/Les fiches de lecture)
What is the essence of geographic clustering ? Michael S. Dahl Paper prepared for the DRUID Nelson & Winter Conference (Electronic Papers) 12-15 June 2001 in Aalborg, Denmark. L’auteur pr&ea

30. Présentation
(Accueil du site/Articles en page d\'accueil)
Ce site propose un ensemble d’outils et de contenu interactif visant à mieux comprendre les dynamiques sociales et économiques entourant le développement n class="highlight">desn> nanotechnolog

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