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Who invent nanotechnology, and where ? PDF Print E-mail

Within the framework of our project, we compiled a data base on the firms and public institutions involved in nanotechnology. One of the results are the maps of this category, they present on a one hand firms and companies, and on the other hand public institutions, and the universities. We consider a firm or a public institution as involved in nanotechnology when we found a marker of a nanotechnological activity, like : publications, patents, or activity announced on a Web site. We compiled this Information in a data base and compared with other sources of information, to complete the missing fields (more precisely, fields and data to localize the activities). Each information was automatically geolocalized by an engine, we build maps directly from this process.

For the maps offered in this site, we didn’t systematically check the localization, which represents an important risk of erroneous information. In addition, these localized data are not the data we use within our research projects. Indeed, the method of the geolocalization used in our research projects differs largely, which is explained partly by the time granted to the treatments. Maps are built by a sample of approximately 1800 firms and public institutions, taken in the 6000 rows of our database. To conclude, you can see with these maps a first draw of the firms, public institutions and Universities spatial aggregation.

You are involved in fabrication, conception, or researches in nanotechnology ? You can add some personal information about your firm or activity, these information will be draw on the map Add by users .

Map’s legend :
Add by users Add by users
Universities Universities
Public institutions Public institutions
 Firms Firms, company
Présentation des cartes


Keywords : Cartes, carte, géolocalisation, maps, google map, nanotechnolologies, automatiquement, localisations, localisation, informations, institutions, investissant, localisation, publications,

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