Clusters and benchmarks on the dynamics of nanoscience and nanotechnology
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Bibliography - Clusters, proximity and localization
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Authors Title Journal Year Links
Mesquita Starting over when the bickering never ends: Rebuilding aggregate trust among clustered firms through trust facilitators Academy of Management Review 2007
Arthaud-Day Certo Dalton Dalton A changing of the guard: Executive and director turnover following corporate financial restatements Academy of Management Journal 2006 url
Allen Geography and history: Bridging the divide Regional Studies 2006
Avnimelech Teubal Creating venture capital industries that co-evolve with high tech: Insights from an extended industry life cycle perspective of the Israeli experience Research Policy 2006
Balconi Laboranti University-industry interactions in applied research: The case of microelectronics Research Policy 2006
Bockerman Lehto Geography of domestic mergers and acquisitions (M&As): Evidence from matched firm-level data Regional Studies 2006
Brenner Identification of local industrial clusters in Germany Regional Studies 2006
Chakravarty Regional variation in banking services and social exclusion Regional Studies 2006
Cole Frederiksen Proximity, distance and diversity: Issues on economic interaction and local development Regional Studies 2006
Dayioglu Baslevent Imputed rents and regional income inequality in Turkey: A subgroup decomposition of the Atkinson index Regional Studies 2006 url
Diez Kiese Scaling innovation in South East Asia: Empirical evidence from Singapore, Penang (Malaysia) and Bangkok Regional Studies 2006
Doring Schnellenbach What do we know about geographical knowledge spillovers and regional growth?: A survey of the literature Regional Studies 2006 url
Ezcurra Pascual Rapun Regional specialization in the European Union Regional Studies 2006 url
Fuentelsaz Gomez Multipoint competition, strategic similarity and entry into geographic markets Strategic Management Journal 2006 url
Fuentelsaz Gomez Multipoint competition, strategic similarity and entry into geographic markets (vol 27, pg 477, 2006) Strategic Management Journal 2006 url
Gopakumar The geography of urban transportation Regional Studies 2006
Griffin The use of maps in the exploration of geographic data Regional Studies 2006
Hein Ilberyand Kneafsey Distribution of local food activity in England and Wales: An index of food relocalization Regional Studies 2006
Iammarino McCann The structure and evolution of industrial clusters: Transactions, technology and knowledge spillovers Research Policy 2006 url
Irazabal Seductions of place: Geographical perspectives on globalization and touristed landscapes Regional Studies 2006
Lagendijk Learning from conceptual flow in regional studies: Framing present debates, unbracketing past debates Regional Studies 2006
Leydesdorff Dolfsma Panne Measuring the knowledge base of an economy in terms of triple-helix relations among 'technology, organization, and territory' Research Policy 2006 url
Ma Roberts Elliott Bell Scott Comparing the New Earnings Survey (NES) and the Labour Force Survey (LFS): An analysis of the differences between the data sets and their implications for the pattern of geographical pay in the UK Regional Studies 2006
Magee Political ecology: An integrative approach to geography and environment-development studies Regional Studies 2006
Mason Harrison After the exit: Acquisitions, entrepreneurial recycling and regional economic development Regional Studies 2006
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