Clusters and benchmarks on the dynamics of nanoscience and nanotechnology
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Bibliography - Clusters, proximity and localization
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Authors Title Journal Year Links
Hansen Lovas How do multinational companies leverage technological competencies? Moving from single to interdependent explanations Strategic Management Journal 2004
Hoegl Proserpio Team member proximity and teamwork in innovative projects Research Policy 2004 url
Ibert Projects and firms as discordant complements: organisational learning in the Munich software ecology Research Policy 2004
Iwasa Odagiri Overseas R&D, knowledge sourcing, and patenting: an empirical study of Japanese R&D investment in the US Research Policy 2004
Jensen Localized spillovers in the Polish food industry: The role of FDI in the development process? Regional Studies 2004
Kalnins Divisional multimarket contact within and between multiunit organizations Academy of Management Journal 2004
Klein Lim Saltz Mayer How do they get there? An examination of the antecedents of centrality in team networks Academy of Management Journal 2004 url
Krafft Entry, exit and knowledge: evidence from a cluster in the info-communications industry Research Policy 2004
Kulu Billari Multilevel analysis of internal migration in a transitional country: The case of Estonia Regional Studies 2004 url
Lu Beamish International diversification and firm performance: The S-CURVE hypothesis Academy of Management Journal 2004
Madhavan Gnyawali He Two's company, three's a crowd? Triads in cooperative-competitive networks Academy of Management Journal 2004
Malecki Jockeying for position: What it means and why it matters to regional development policy when places compete Regional Studies 2004
Mariani What determines technological hits? Geography versus firm competencies Research Policy 2004 url
Martin Gutierrez Roman Data envelopment analysis (DEA) index to measure the accessibility impacts of new infrastructure investments: The case of the high-speed train corridor Madrid-Barcelona-French border Regional Studies 2004
Mora-Valentin Montoro-Sanchez Guerras-Martin Determining factors in the success of R&D cooperative agreements between firms and research organizations Research Policy 2004
Nijkamp Rossi Vindigni Ecological footprints in plural: A meta-analytic comparison of empirical results Regional Studies 2004
O'Donoghue Gleave A note on methods for measuring industrial agglomeration Regional Studies 2004
Rangan Drummond Explaining outcomes in competition among foreign multinationals in a focal host market Strategic Management Journal 2004
Roberts The growth performances of the GB counties: Some new empirical evidence for 1977-1993 Regional Studies 2004
Roper Hewitt-Dundas Love An ex ante evaluation framework for the regional benefits of publicly supported R&D projects Research Policy 2004 url
Sadler Cluster evolution, the transformation of old industrial regions and the steel industry supply chain in North East England Regional Studies 2004
Sheppard Transportation: A geographical analysis Regional Studies 2004
Soh Mahmood Mitchell Dynamic inducements in R&D investment: Market signals and network locations Academy of Management Journal 2004 url
Strobl Trends and determinants of the geographic dispersion of Irish manufacturing activity, 1926-1996 Regional Studies 2004
Tallman Jenkins Henry Pinch Knowledge, clusters, and competitive advantage Academy of Management Review 2004
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