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Bibliography - Clusters, proximity and localization
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Authors Title Journal Year Links
Van Stel Nieuwenhuijsen Knowledge spillovers and economic growth: An analysis using data of Dutch regions in the period 1987-1995 Regional Studies 2004
Varga Schalk Knowledge spillovers, agglomeration and macroeconomic growth: An empirical approach Regional Studies 2004 url
Zook The Internet on Earth: A geography of information Regional Studies 2004
Almeida Dokko Rosenkopf Startup size and the mechanisms of external learning: increasing opportunity and decreasing ability? Research Policy 2003
Brakman Garretsen Rethinking the 'new' geographical economics Regional Studies 2003 url
Chesbrough Environmental influences upon firm entry into new sub-markets - Evidence from the worldwide hard disk drive industry conditionally Research Policy 2003 url
Colombo Alliance form: A test of the contractual and competence perspectives Strategic Management Journal 2003
Dietz Robinson Folger Baron Schulz The impact of community violence and an organization's procedural justice climate on workplace aggression Academy of Management Journal 2003 url
Dobrev Carroll Size (and competition) among organizations: Modeling scale-based selection among automobile producers in four major countries, 1885-1981 Strategic Management Journal 2003
Dunford Theorizing regional economic performance and the changing territorial division of labour Regional Studies 2003
Eliasson Lindgren Westerlund Geographical labour mobility: Migration or commuting? Regional Studies 2003
Essletzbichler From mass production to flexible specialization: The sectoral and geographical extent of contract work in US manufacturing, 1963-1997 Regional Studies 2003
Evans The development of urban economics in the twentieth century Regional Studies 2003
Franke Hippel Satisfying heterogeneous user needs via innovation toolkits: the case of Apache security software Research Policy 2003 url
Freel Sectoral patterns of small firm innovation, networking and proximity Research Policy 2003
Goerzen Beamish Geographic scope and multinational enterprise performance Strategic Management Journal 2003
Gong Keller Convergence and polarization in global income levels: a review of recent results on the role of international technology diffusion Research Policy 2003
Hadjimichalis The Middle East: Geography and geopolitics Regional Studies 2003
Hollenstein Innovation modes in the Swiss service sector: a cluster analysis based on firm-level data Research Policy 2003 url
Jansson American space/American place: Geographies of the contemporary United States Regional Studies 2003
Lagendijk Towards conceptual quality in regional studies: The need for subtle critique - A response to Markusen Regional Studies 2003 url
Lublinski Does geographic proximity matter? Evidence from clustered and non-clustered aeronautic firms in Germany Regional Studies 2003
Markusen Fuzzy concepts, scanty evidence, policy distance: The case for rigour and policy relevance in critical regional studies Regional Studies 2003
Markusen On conceptualization, evidence and impact: A response to Hudson, Lagendijk and Peck Regional Studies 2003
McCann Sheppard The rise, fall and rise again of industrial location theory Regional Studies 2003
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