Clusters and benchmarks on the dynamics of nanoscience and nanotechnology
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Bibliography - Clusters, proximity and localization
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McKelvey Alm Riccaboni Does co-location matter for formal knowledge collaboration in the Swedish biotechnology-pharmaceutical sector? Research Policy 2003
McNamara Deephouse Luce Competitive positioning within and across a strategic group structure: The performance of core, secondary and solitary firms Strategic Management Journal 2003 url
Nijkamp Entrepreneurship in a modern network economy Regional Studies 2003 url
Ottaviano Regional policy in the global economy: Insights from new economic geography Regional Studies 2003 url
Parayil Mapping technological trajectories of the Green Revolution and the Gene Revolution from modernization to globalization Research Policy 2003
Parhankangas Arenius From a corporate venture to an independent company: a base for a taxonomy for corporate spin-off firms Research Policy 2003
Patrucco Institutional variety, networking and knowledge exchange: Communication and innovation in the case of the Brianza technological district Regional Studies 2003 url
Peck Fuzzy old world: A response to Markusen Regional Studies 2003
Phelps Mackinnon Stone Braidford Embedding the multinationals? Institutions and the development of overseas manufacturing affiliates in Wales and North East England Regional Studies 2003
Plummer Modelling economic landscapes: A geographical perspective Regional Studies 2003
Porter The economic performance of regions Regional Studies 2003 url
Rice Venables Equilibrium regional disparities: Theory and British evidence Regional Studies 2003
Scott Storper Regions, globalization, development Regional Studies 2003 url
Simmie Innovation and urban regions as national and international nodes for the transfer and sharing of knowledge Regional Studies 2003
Streb Shaping the national system of inter-industry knowledge exchange - Vertical integration, licensing and repeated knowledge transfer in the German plastics industry Research Policy 2003 url
Stuart Sorenson The geography of opportunity: spatial heterogeneity in founding rates and the performance of biotechnology firms Research Policy 2003 url
Wernerheim Sharpe 'High order' producer services in metropolitan Canada: How footloose are they? Regional Studies 2003
Scott A new map of Hollywood: The production and distribution of American motion pictures Regional Studies 2002 url
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