Clusters and benchmarks on the dynamics of nanoscience and nanotechnology
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Bibliography - Clusters, proximity and localization
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Authors Title Journal Year Links
Matuschewski Regional clusters of the information economy in Germany Regional Studies 2006
Meliciani Income and employment disparities across European regions: The role of national and spatial factors Regional Studies 2006
Phene Fladmoe-Lindquist Marsh Breakthrough innovations in the US biotechnology industry: The effects of technological space and geographic origin Strategic Management Journal 2006
Polzer Crisp Jarvenpaa Kim Extending the faultline model to geographically dispersed teams: How colocated subgroups can impair group functioning Academy of Management Journal 2006
Pons-Novell Tirado-Fabregat Specialization and asymmetries in macroeconomic fluctuations: Evidence for the European regions Regional Studies 2006
Smith Ho Measuring the performance of Oxford University, Oxford Brookes University and the government laboratories' spin-off companies Research Policy 2006
Sorenson Rivkin Fleming Complexity, networks and knowledge flow Research Policy 2006
Steiner Hartmann Organizational learning in clusters: A case study on material and immaterial dimensions of cooperation Regional Studies 2006
Suedekum Concentration and specialization trends in Germany since re-unification Regional Studies 2006 url
Tamasy Determinants of regional entrepreneurship dynamics in contemporary Germany: A conceptual and empirical analysis Regional Studies 2006
Ye The urban geography reader Regional Studies 2006
Zuindeau Spatial approach to sustainable development: Challenges of equity and efficacy Regional Studies 2006
Ambos Foreign direct investment in industrial research and development: A study of German MNCs Research Policy 2005
Appold Location patterns of US industrial research: Mimetic isomorphism and the emergence of geographic charisma Regional Studies 2005
Adams Black Clemmons Stephan Scientific teams and institutional collaborations: Evidence from US universities, 1981-1999 Research Policy 2005
Asheim Coenen Knowledge bases and regional innovation systems: Comparing Nordic clusters Research Policy 2005
Audretsch Lehmann Does the knowledge spillover theory of entrepreneurship hold for regions? Research Policy 2005
Audretsch Lehmann Warning University spillovers and new firm location Research Policy 2005 url
Bathelt Cluster relations in the media industry: Exploring the 'distanced neighbour' paradox in Leipzig Regional Studies 2005
Bell Clusters, networks, and firm innovativeness Strategic Management Journal 2005
Bertinelli Decrop Geographical agglomeration: Ellison and Glaeser's index applied to the case of Belgian manufacturing industry Regional Studies 2005
Boschma Proximity and innovation: A critical assessment Regional Studies 2005
Boschma Role of proximity in interaction and performance: Conceptual and empirical challenges Regional Studies 2005
Buzzelli What explains firm transience in housebuilding? A regional analysis of Ontario, Canada, 1991 and 1996 Regional Studies 2005
Canina Enz Harrison Agglomeration efects and strategic orientations: Evidence from the US lodging industry Academy of Management Journal 2005 url
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