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Bibliography - Clusters, proximity and localization
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Authors Title Journal Year Links
Cantwell Piscitello Recent location of foreign-owned research and development activities by large multinational corporations in the European regions: The role of spillovers and externalities Regional Studies 2005
Capello Faggian Collective learning and relational capital in local innovation processes Regional Studies 2005
Carluer Dynamics of Russian regional clubs: The time of divergence Regional Studies 2005
Cooke Regionally asymmetric knowledge capabilities and open innovation exploring 'Globalisation 2' - A new model of industry organisation Research Policy 2005
Davenport Exploring the role of proximity in SME knowledge-acquisition Research Policy 2005
Del Barrio-Castro Garcia-Quevedo Effects of university research on the geography of innovation Regional Studies 2005
Deyle Grupp Commuters and the regional assignment of innovative activities: A methodological patent study of German districts Research Policy 2005
Edelman The Europeans: A geography of people, culture and environment Regional Studies 2005
Elenkov Judge Wright Straegic leadership and executive innovation influence: An international multi-cluster comparative study Strategic Management Journal 2005
Feldman Martin Constructing jurisdictional advantage Research Policy 2005 url
Feldman Francis Bercovitz Creating a cluster while building a firm: Entrepreneurs and the formation of industrial clusters Regional Studies 2005 url
Fromhold-Eisebith Eisebith How to institutionalize innovative clusters? Comparing explicit top-down and implicit bottom-up approaches Research Policy 2005 url
Funke Niebuhr Regional geographic research and development spillovers and economic growth: Evidence from West Germany Regional Studies 2005
Giuliani Bell The micro-determinants of meso-level learning and innovation: evidence from a Chilean wine cluster Research Policy 2005
Goodwin Jones Jones Devolution, constitutional change and economic development: Explaining and understanding the new institutional Geographies of the British state Regional Studies 2005
Gripaios Bishop Government output and expenditure in UK regions and sub-regions: An analysis of the new experimental accounts data Regional Studies 2005
Howells Innovation and regional economic development: A matter of perspective? Research Policy 2005
James Demystifying the role of culture in innovative regional economies Regional Studies 2005
Jones Goodwin Jones State modernization, devolution and economic governance: An introduction and guide to debate Regional Studies 2005
Kor Leblebici How do interdependencies among human-capital deployment, development, and diversification strategies affect firms' financial performance? Strategic Management Journal 2005
Kronthaler Economic capability of East German regions: Results of a cluster analysis Regional Studies 2005
Leichenko Solecki Exporting the American dream: The globalization of suburban consumption landscapes Regional Studies 2005 url
Link Scott Opening the ivory tower's door: An analysis of the determinants of the formation of US university spin-off companies Research Policy 2005
Lopez-Bazo Del Barrio Artis Geographical distribution of unemployment in Spain Regional Studies 2005
Nachum Zaheer The persistence of distance? The impact of technology on MNE motivations for foreign investment Strategic Management Journal 2005 url
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