Clusters and benchmarks on the dynamics of nanoscience and nanotechnology
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Bibliography - Clusters, proximity and localization
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Authors Title Journal Year Links
Oerlemans Meeus Do organizational and spatial proximity impact on firm performance? Regional Studies 2005
Shuttleworth Lloyd Analysing average travel-to-work distances in Northern Ireland using the 1991 Census of Population: The effects of locality, social composition, and religion Regional Studies 2005
Simmie Innovation and space: A critical review of the literature Regional Studies 2005
Todlting Trippl One size fits all? Towards a differentiated regional innovation policy approach Research Policy 2005 url
Torre Rallett Proximity and localization Regional Studies 2005 url
Uitto Is geography destiny? Lessons from Latin America Regional Studies 2005
Warrian Mulhern Knowledge and innovation in the interface between the steel and automotive industries: The case of Dofasco Regional Studies 2005
Williams Fostering community engagement and tackling undeclared work: The case for an evidence-based 'joined-up' public policy approach Regional Studies 2005
Acs Armington Employment growth and entrepreneurial activity in cities Regional Studies 2004 url
Ahuja Katila Where do resources come from? The role of idiosyncratic situations Strategic Management Journal 2004 url
Balconi Breschi Lissoni Networks of inventors and the role of academia: an exploration of Italian patent data Research Policy 2004
Bloodsworth Beaty Scale and geographic inquiry: Nature, society and method Regional Studies 2004
Boekema Boundaries and place: European borderlands in geographical context Regional Studies 2004
Boschma Competitiveness of regions from an evolutionary perspective Regional Studies 2004
Bozeman Corley Scientists' collaboration strategies: implications for scientific and technical human capital Research Policy 2004 url
Braunerhjelm Borgman Geographical concentration, entrepreneurship and regional growth: Evidence from regional data in Sweden, 1975-99 Regional Studies 2004
Cieslik Kaniewsk Telecommunications infrastructure and regional economic development: The case of Poland Regional Studies 2004
Clark Palaskas Tracey Tsampra Globalization and competitive strategy in Europe's vulnerable regions: Firm, industry and country effects in labour-intensive industries Regional Studies 2004
Dahl Pedersen Knowledge flows through informal contacts in industrial clusters: myth or reality? Research Policy 2004 url
Davenport Panic and panacea: brain drain and science and technology human capital policy Research Policy 2004 url
Doloreux Regional Innovation Systems in Canada: A comparative study Regional Studies 2004
Fritsch Franke Innovation, regional knowledge spillovers and R&D cooperation Research Policy 2004 url
Gibbons Network structure and innovation ambiguity effects on diffusion in dynamic organizational fields Academy of Management Journal 2004
Green Is relocation redundant? Observations on the changing nature and impacts of employment-related geographical mobility in the UK Regional Studies 2004
Greenbaum Bondonio Losing focus: A comparative evaluation of spatially targeted economic revitalization programmes in the US and the EU Regional Studies 2004 url
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