Clusters and benchmarks on the dynamics of nanoscience and nanotechnology
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Organizational learning in clusters: A case study on material and immaterial dimensions of cooperation

Book or journal references : Regional Studies, vol. 40, pp. 493-506 (2006).

Author(s) : Steiner , M. and Hartmann , C.

Abstract :

The aim of the paper is to give empirically based insights into forms and mechanisms of knowledge management and learning within clusters. Taking the case of five specific clusters from the Austrian province of Styria, the paper looks at differences in their learning behaviour. Based on theories of ( organizational) learning, the paper investigates learning systems and their particular forms at cluster level, differentiating especially between informal and participative learning. By means of a survey and in-depth interviews with firms of the clusters, different patterns of learning according to the specific technology and product orientation of the clusters and their different needs for specific forms of knowledge can be found. Each cluster shows distinct patterns of learning and uses different sources of knowledge. Also, patterns of substitution between these sources can be revealed. The prevalence of ongoing learning processes indicates the importance of institutional arrangements such as clusters for the generation of knowledge.

Keywords :

organizational learning; knowledge networks; clusters; geography of innovation; knowledge management COMPETITIVENESS; REGION

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