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This site proposes a whole set of tools and interactive content designed for a better understanding of the social and economic dynamics related to the world development of nanotechnologies . For this reason, it gives Feedback on some research work and presents a collection of documentary resources to which you are welcome to contribute. You will find there some public work and the main results of our research.

Our interest for nanotechnologies can be justified by two main reasons. On the one hand by the High-Tech potential of innovations and technological changes that they represent, and on the other hand by the new arrangements, and the new Knowledge needed by these activities.

Indeed, in a sector which undergoes major scientific and technical transformations, the agents (firms and institutions) who invest in the nanotechnologies are confronted to interrogations on the dynamics of development of these industries. The emergence of this technology requires at the same time to finance some expensive infrastructures and the presence of large firms (Incumbents) ant start-ups. To make it possible to better apprehend this moving sector two goals can be pursued. The first consists in characterizing the development of the modes of the nanotechnologies on three distinct levels: national, regional and local. It is then a question of analyzing the local modes of organization, the original methods of hybridization between science and technology, institutional arrangements, the role of the large equipment to compare the  mechanisms of the development of the nanotechnologies (to carry out a Benchmark process). In addition, following this comparative approach, it seems essential to extend the experiment by supplying the concerned agents with means to position themselves and to have a representation of this sector and its dynamic. This exploration requires the construction of tools. These tools will be used for analysis and prospecting of nanotechnologies spatial diffusion and of the new arrangements (emergent collaborations, disciplines, effects of agglomerations, Clusters concerned, …).

In this context, by this web site we try to pursue two objectives:
- to offer a platform of follow-up our work and read our publications. It is possible for example to follow the principal stages of our work by the projects management tool. It is also possible to directly be active on the site (addition of definitions, key words, bibliographical references, publication of articles and comments), which represents a possibility to improve our work and to make adjustments following your advices.
- in agreement with these results, to diffuse a useful Knowledge for a first draw picture of the nanotechnologies sector. These contents are organized and written so as to be educational and to gather a part of the resources (scientific on a side, informative and useful on another side) that we have used to carry out this exploration.